Explore cutting-edge creativity in the steel city. 

  • Developing a creative class
  • Grassroots gentrification
  • Culture + Art as a fundamental right
  • Installation architecture

The Arts and Culture Track is an opportunity for you to explore the impact of Pittsburgh’s vibrant creative class on the city’s economy and urban fabric. Attendees will speak to artists, curators, and performers about everything from sculpture and music to theatre and street performance. Spend time in the workshops of artists and architects as they continue to breathe life into their communities through exciting and innovative projects. See how the spaces hollowed out in old warehouses and blighted neighborhoods within the city are fostering artistic inventiveness and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

In this track, you will have the opportunity to explore Pittsburgh’s Penn Ave Arts Corridor- a space intentionally created to be a thriving arts and business destination and cultivate a diverse socio-economic community. Architects in particular have truly made a home for themselves in this corridor, establishing successful practices and opening galleries and coworking spaces. Pittsburgh has a variety of museums that showcase different aspects of art and culture, and this track will include a visit to the Mattress Factory- a contemporary art museum that specializes in room-sized, site-specific art exhibits. Experience works by Yayoi Kusama, Rolf Julius, and James Turrell in this iconic Pittsburgh institution. This track will also include a more in-depth exploration of the internationally acclaimed and transformative cultural district.