Pittsburgh Blog(h)

My name is Tom Sterling, and I'm the 2016 Northeast Quad Conference Chair. First and foremost, welcome to the official blog of the 2016 AIAS Northeast Quad Conference! Before we welcome everyone to our campus and city, we'll be posting regular content including interviews with our keynote speakers, updates about conference events, exciting Pittsburgh news, and (best of all) insider tips to help you get the most out of your weekend in the Steel City.

When most people hear the name Pittsburgh they imagine a quiet, worn and weary steel town. While the city and its people have worked hard to maintain its blue collar roots and steelmaking heritage, the city has reinvented itself in the past 20 years and emerged as a friendly, green, vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis.  

Nestled between 3 beautiful rivers and across the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, the Pittsburgh of the 21st century has reclaimed its crown as one of the most vibrant and innovative technology and cultural hubs in America. Despite its relatively small size, the city has one of the largest educated workforces in the country, a cutting edge culinary scene, a freakish abundance of art galleries and performance centers, world renowned academic and cultural institutions, and one of the largest urban tree canopies in America- all spread throughout 90 distinct and dynamic neighborhoods. 

From the moment you emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnel and see the city's skyline explode into view we know you'll be convinced that Forge: New Urban Frontiers is going to be an incredible experience. In the meantime, follow our blog to learn more about our 446 bridges, 90 neighborhoods, and 4 tracks. 

-Tom Sterling